We are a full-services IP boutique. Since we are fully aware that our clients are interested in results, we structure the services we provide based on the objective sought: to protect, dispute or negotiate industrial and intellectual property rights.

Whatever the objective sought, the services offered by our firm combine the advice of professionals specialized in the process, with that of professionals specialized in litigation and substantive advice. We believe that in most cases it makes no sense to request a right that is hardly going to be granted or that, where appropriate, will not be able to oppose to third parties. That is why it is important that the prosecution teams work collaboratively with the litigation and substantive advice teams.

Finally, by having representation on two continents, Europe and Latin America, our team can combine the knowledge of each of these regions to offer a sophisticated service and take advantage of the synergies that may exist. In fact, quite often, what has happened in front of the European institutions can positively influence the strategy to be followed in Latin America.