We are governed by a professional Code of Conduct aiming at the following values ​​and principles to prevail in our practice and advice:

RIGOR. One of the requirements of the sector in which we provide services is the need to work with accuracy, precision and thoroughness, both in the drafting of our writings, as well as in the advice provided and in the fulfillment of due dates of our clients´cases. Consequently, we are committed to working with the utmost rigor.

INTEGRITY. We want the relationship with the clients of the Firm to be based on mutual trust and therefore we are committed to acting in an integral, honest, loyal, truthful and diligent manner.

TRANSPARENCY. Providing services in an array of jurisdictions, many of which are in remote locations, especially for international clients, requires working with maximum transparency and always offering the options or alternatives available to our clients. In this way, we aim at generating the necessary confidence and allowing our clients the freedom and capability of making the decisions that are most convenient for them at all times.

EFFICIENCY AND PROMPTNESS. The management of industrial and intellectual property portfolios requires handling many documents and due dates. To do so efficiently and quickly, we maximize the resources available, taking advantage of the synergies that can be generated in different countries and relying on state of the art computer systems, which allow us to scale the allocated resources and ensure absolutely reliable document and information management.