With the intention of carefully complying with the values ​​of the Firm and with the regulations applicable in the provision of services, by all our members, we have created a list that includes the principles and rules that must guide our performance:

  1. We have the duty and obligation to know the law applicable to our actions, as well as to always advise our clients to comply with the law applicable to theirs.
  2. We must always work according to the firm’s values: Rigor, Integrity and Honesty, Transparency and Efficiency.
  3. We protect the information entrusted to us and we must treat it confidentially, relying on discretion and the technology offered by the firm. 
  4. We are committed to working meticulously, complying with the deontological principles that govern the practice of law: independence and loyalty, both with our fellows, colleagues in the profession, as well as our clients and the institutions or authorities with which we work to provide our services.
  5. We work as a team, helping each other in whatever is necessary and aware that each member´s actions will affect the rest. 
  6. We treat all members of the firm, clients and collaborators cordially, with dignity and without discrimination/prejudice.
  7. Without forgoing our ethical obligations, nor failing to comply with the law, we prioritize our clients in all our activities.
  8. Our aim is to provide solutions to the needs of our clients and we must keep them informed promptly throughout the different processes that they commission us with.
  9. We rely on the use of advanced technology to be effective and reduce risks in fulfilling our obligations.
  10. Finally, we are committed to allocating a portion of the benefits of our activity free of charge to projects that benefit the less favored communities in the societies of which we are part.