Costa Rica introduces the “WIPO FILE” System

October 2020

     As part of the process of including technology at the service of users of the Costa Rican Intellectual Property Registry, on August 26, 2020, Directive No. DRPI-00001-2020 was published in the official diary “La Gaceta”. It indicates the aim of the Government of Costa Rica to enable a digital process for the registration of trademarks and other distinctive signs[1] through the digital platform “WIPO FILE”. This platform was developed by the Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization in coordination with the Intellectual Property Registry of Costa Rica.

      Please note that, in order to be able to use this digital platform, it is necessary to have a Digital Signature Certificate duly accredited before the corresponding Authorities of our country (National Digital Signature System).

     This is a first but major step in the digitization of the prosecution of distinctive signs, setting up the possibility to e-file trademarks and other distinctive signs. The platform does not allow yet to perform other steps in the prosecution of these signs, such as those related to applications already filed. For instance, transfers, name changes, renewals, oppositions, nullity actions or cancellations due to lack of use. Also, the intention is for this platform to be available as well (hopefully early next year) other intellectual property rights, such as patents, industrial designs or utility models.

     It will be necessary to be prudent in these initial stages and follow up closely the use of the system by both the officials of the Industrial Property Registry and its users. Being this platform optional of optional use, physical filings will still be allowed. But, in any event, it is a major development in Costa Rica which evidences the commitment of its Authorities with the digitalization of IP services to provide an even better service to its users.

 If you have any queries related to this platform or with any other IP related issue in Costa Rica, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mauricio Garro / Eduardo Zamora


[1] Trademarks, trade names, commercial advertising signs, emblems, certification marks and collective marks, as well as additional documents that need to be attached to these applications.