Anti-counterfeiting actions in Central America

January 2021

Next Friday, January 22, 2021, at 11 EST (New York) / 5pm CEST (Paris) we will hold a Webinar on Actions against Piracy in Central America.

We will try to shed some light on the general legal framework that exists in the countries of the region, reviewing some success stories and also analyzing the tools that exist today to be able to find out and trace the routes they use to introduce illicit products into these markets. For this, we will have the participation of several experts in the field, including Mr. Meldin Fúnes, director of the Special Prosecutor for the Protection of Industrial Property and Information Security.

The webinar will be broadcast live at 12.30pm EST / 6.30pm CEST and can be viewed on Giro Martinez’s YouTube channel.

Access the Webinar HERE


• Mr. Meldin Funes, Director of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Protection of Industrial Property and Computer Security.

• Mr. Camilo Bendeck, President of the Inter-Institutional Commission to Combat Piracy and Counterfeiting in Honduras

• Mr. Axel Hein, Managing Director of ApiraSol GmbH.

• Ms. Yadira Maradiaga, lawyer.

• Moderator: Mr. Eduardo Zamora, lawyer.

Webinar structure:

1. Introduction. Economic importance and incidence in relation to electronic commerce. Efforts made by institutions and advocacy in times of pandemic.

2. General situation of Central American legislation.

3. Actions carried out by Central American institutions.

4. Information available with current technologies on routes and traceability of infringing products.

5. Questions and answers.