RESPONSIBLE ATTORNEY- The direction of each case corresponds to a member of the Firm who coordinates the work of the professionals involved in each file. Professionals at a local level provide advice regarding their jurisdiction, both legal and technical, and are responsible for carrying out the corresponding procedures on behalf of clients / applicants before the patent and trademark offices or before the courts of their jurisdiction.

ADMINISTRATION – We share a centralized administration and a single docketing system. With that, we avoid duplications, maximize efforts, minimize risks and reduce costs, especially in the management of international patent and trademark portfolios.

COMMUNICATIONS – Communication with the client is directed by local attorneys, who provide substantive and procedural advice on each issue. However, the correspondence, its uploading and monitoring is channeled by the administrative team in a centralized manner, to facilitate communication, reduce risks and minimize costs.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – The firm’s professionals are coordinated by an Executive Committee that brings together and energizes the teams of each country.

CORPORATE STRUCTURE – We are organized as local firms in each country, complying with national regulations. In Brazil, due to regulatory issues, we have a strategic cooperation agreement with a local firm which will be disclosed soon.

For more information see the Legal Notes section.