ETHICS AND GOOD GOVERNANCE – Our professional practice cannot be separated from strict compliance with the ethical standards that govern our profession. Therefore, we have developed a Code of Conduct to which all the professionals of the firm are subject. In addition, each of the professionals constantly observes and keeps in mind the local regulations that regulate the exercise of their profession.

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE – All the professionals of the Firm maintain a clear and transparent conflict of interest and confidentiality policy which is available in the Legal Notes section. Likewise, we maintain a liability insurance coverage throughout the region and follow a strict policy in the prevention of bribery and money laundering.

The professionals of the firm must inform the Executive Committee of any risk they perceive in relation to the activity of their respective teams.

For more information on our way of working, including our privacy policies, compliance with regulations, conflicts of interest, etc. see the Legal Notes section.

TEAM MANAGEMENT – GIRO MARTINEZ is made up of people. This seems obvious, but it is important to highlight it, since they are the fundamental asset of the Firm and around them everything should revolve. We are convinced that a team in which the person is respected in his entire dignity will benefit everyone: the firm, its members and its clients. On the other hand, we seek to effectively ensure conditions of equality and fraternity among all members of the firm, regardless of race, nation, sex, origin, culture and class. In fact, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team, which works collaboratively, generously and respectfully, in an environment in which each person’s different circumstances and skills are recognized and respected.

SOCIAL PROJECTS – GIRO MARTINEZ covers a region with a population of more than 600 million people representing almost 10% of the world’s population. The economic importance of this region is evident. However, many of these countries have excessively high levels of poverty. Our activity cannot be separated from the challenges that these societies have; fundamentally, economic inequality and poverty. Therefore, we allocate a substantial part of the benefits of our activity to solidarity projects in the region. Each year we will publish a report detailing these projects.